Exchanging Bitcoin Cash With Fiat Currencies
- Go to Search Bitcoin Cash page.
- Search for the criteria you want.
- In the View Listing page, enter the amount of Bitcoin Cash you want to exchange for.
- The seller will be notified to confirm the exchange rates and lock up necessary Bitcoin Cash into escrow.
- The buyer will be notified to pay with fiat currencies.
- After receiving the fiat currencies, seller will release the escrowed Bitcoin Cash to the buyer.
- The transaction is fully escrowed to protect both the buyer and the seller.

Zero Fees - We do not charge any transaction fees. All escrows are done free of charge.
No Limits - You may trade up to any amount of currencies you want.
Meetup - You may contact the other party directly for a face to face transaction offline.
Instant - Escrow transactions will be instant as long as both parties have sufficient balance to complete the transaction.
Safe - Escrow transactions are the safest for both parties.

It is important to protect your money. Here are some tips.
- Do not use the same password on this website in other websites.
- Make sure you have a strong password at least 12 characters long.
- Avoid keeping too much money on this website. Keep them in your own wallet.
- Read online for other security advice on protecting your cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Exchange (No Fees)
Search Listings
Listings (Sellers)
Country Selling Pay With Price Options
NetherlandsBitcoin Cash (BCH)
Max 0.1 BCH
Euro (EUR)
Max 28.97759 EUR
321.54482 USD/BCHView | Message
United Kingdom
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Max 222 BCH
Great Britain Pound (GBP)
Max 70541.48827 GBP
385.85379 USD/BCHView | Message
Rio grande do sul
São Leopoldo
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Max 0.21 BCH
Brazil Real (BRL)
Max 272.6367 BRL
321.54482 USD/BCHView | Message
United States
Spirit lake
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Max 100 BCH
US Dollars (USD)
Max 32797.57185 USD
327.97572 USD/BCHView | Message
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Max 7 BCH
US Dollars (USD)
Max 2408.37072 USD
344.05296 USD/BCHView | Message
SpainBitcoin Cash (BCH)
Max 1 BCH
Euro (EUR)
Max 281.0826 EUR
311.89848 USD/BCHView | Message
United KingdomBitcoin Cash (BCH)
Max 50 BCH
Great Britain Pound (GBP)
Max 13239.76882 GBP
321.54482 USD/BCHView | Message

Listings (Buyers)
Country Buying Pay With Price Options
United States
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Max 0.622 BCH
US Dollars (USD)
Max 200 USD
321.54482 USD/BCHView | Message
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Max 0.69019 BCH
Euro (EUR)
Max 200 EUR
321.54483 USD/BCHView | Message
United StatesBitcoin Cash (BCH)
Max 4.66498 BCH
US Dollars (USD)
Max 1500 USD
321.54482 USD/BCHView | Message
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Max 0.0697 BCH
Russia Rouble (RUB)
Max 1500 RUB
321.54515 USD/BCHView | Message

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