When you request for a withdrawal, a withdrawal confirmation email will be sent to you. Please check your spam folder in case it lands there. Click on the withdrawal confirmation link in the email to proceed with the withdrawal request. Our staff will verify the necessary before submitting the final withdrawal request to the system.
We have multilayer security verification checks on deposits. When you entered the deposit amount, please make sure you transferred exactly the same amount to avoid delays or lost funds. Our system confirms the amount is exactly the same before proceeding to the next security verification check.
How the exchange works is that user A wants to exchange from coinXX to coinYY and user B wants to exchange from coinYY to coinXX (opposite direction) and we just match them. So for an exchange order to be completed, there must be a user trying to exchange to your coin on the other end, that is why we do not charge any fees, all we do is match both users to exchange their coins. The exchange platform was only live few weeks ago, please give us more time to build up the liquidity so that the order gets completed faster. Alternatively, you may cancel the order anytime if you prefer not to wait.
For deposits and withdrawals, we have 2 layers of security checks that may cause slight delays for the cryptos to be reflected in the users account. For us, our top priority is always security over conveniences.

Having said that, all deposits and withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours. If after 24 hours, it is still not processed, please contact us with the transaction ID for us to check.

We thank you for the understanding because security is extremely important for us.
Personal verifications is not compulsory so your identity is protected. However, verifications allow others to trust you more, leading to more trades.
We uses offline cold storage to store our funds which is the safest method so far. We will allocate a small percentage as hot storage to make it easier for users to make withdrawals.
At the moment, we do not accept credit or debit cards due to risk of fraud.
Contact our staff and we will usually respond within 48 hours. During peak period, we may take longer to respond.

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