Product - Insect drawer knobs

Insect drawer knobs

0.0281715 BCH (6.5 USD)

These cicada knobs would make fantastic cabinet knobs for a cottage kitchen or bathroom. The hum of a cicada’s wings is a beautiful sound. For anyone who doesn’t mind bugs “crawling” on your cabinets or dresser, these detailed furniture knobs are for you! You can even match them with leaves, flowers, or other insects to splash a bit of the woods onto your dresser. You can install them horizontal or vertical or if you have lots of drawers you can make them crawl every direction :)

- Material: brass toned metal
- Measurements: 60 x 35 x 22mm / 2 1/4 inch
- 8/32 1.25 inch machine screw (included)
- If you need longer or shorter screws please mention this with your order
- This listing is for one drawer knob

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