Search For Work
Search For Work
Date Category Title Budget Status Options
18/04/2020Shoppinggold bar 24 cerat 1 kg35000 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)ActiveView
18/04/2020Shoppingsell phones iPhone 11 and Samsung 5g 512 GB600 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)ActiveView
26/05/2019Web DevelopmentBuy Domain - BitcoinBCH.com8 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)ActiveView
25/02/2019Blockchain ServicesCashShuffle integration0.5 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)ActiveView
25/02/2019OthersTeach me Java multithreading0.1 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)ActiveView
02/01/2019Academic Writingsdfdgfd0.9 Euro (EUR)ActiveView
02/01/2019Game DevelopmentSpiel mit mir1 Euro (EUR)ActiveView
01/01/2019Aircon Servicesdssdgs1 Euro (EUR)ActiveView
04/09/2018TranslationsPlease translate this into chinese1 Euro (EUR)ActiveView
15/08/2018Web DevelopmentReddit Reposting tool0.125 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)ActiveView
11/08/2018Data Miningprivate300 Euro (EUR)ActiveView
14/04/2018Computer Repair Services[email protected]4.5 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)ActiveView
26/03/2018iOS DevelopmentCopy our Android App3 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)ActiveView
17/03/2018TranslationsTransalate a text from german to english0.001 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)ActiveView

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