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Seller: OpticBit

User Last Active: 22 Hours Ago

Trade Method: Meetup

Trade From: US Dollars (USD) (Max 2500 USD)

Trade To: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) (Max 1.395 BCH)

Price: 1.04877 USD/USD

Country: United States

State: NEVADA (NV)

City: Las Vegas

Meetup Address: Meetup Address: Meetup Address: Meetup Address: Starbucks 7050 S Durango Drive Las Vegas NV 89113 Near EOS GYM NOT inside Vons Im not at starbucks, but near by. give me an eta, and message me when you get close. First meet up you must come to me. Town Square also possible.

Trade Terms: Trade Terms: Trade Terms: Trade Terms: Trade Terms: ~::Generic info Posted on All my ads::~ Mostly available 9am-9pm pacific All trades are for the advertised payment method only. No Haggling on the price. No Haggling on the limit. Do NOT use a 2nd Trade for higher limits. Short Escrow if theres a setting. 1 Trade per day per payment method unless otherwise mentioned in ad Do not request to cancel after I say Im On my way You are NOT currently Located in New York State Contact your Representatives Do NOT Request A Loan On here Use a Lending Platform, Ask for details. Money you send was obtained legally, Money you receive will be used legally. No third party for the trade $2900 per person per day limit. In Las Vegas mostly. Sometimes I travel to Huntington Beach, CA, or Portland, ME (Holidays) Verified Social Media @OpticBit bitrated com / opticbit ICQ: 208 944 42 (It takes a day to notice first contact) gpg

Trade Method: Meetup   

Amount: US Dollars (USD)