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Seller: User 1485

User Last Active: 32 Days Ago

Trade Method: Meetup

Trade From: Philippines Peso (PHP) (Max 3000 PHP)

Trade To: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) (Max 0.03 BCH)

Price: 0.01895 USD/PHP

Country: Philippines


City: Cebu City

Meetup Address: Ayala, SM Cebu, Parkmall, Jollibee A.S. Fortuna These public places only for safety.

Trade Terms: For meetup: Monday to Friday: 4PM - 8PM, Saturday & Sunday: 10AM - 8PM Start the trade and message me your - Name - Cellphone Number Be ready with mobile data to send BCH. I will pay in cash after you send Bitcoin Cash to BCH address: 1KffqXGWbVz2DFEmbnS8xX5KaRJP12wHTH You may also send BCH in advance and receive cash payment on meet-up. (Optional) (Optional non-meetup) For Online transfer please message me the following details: 1. Your Bank (BPI, BDO, UnionBank) 2. Account Name 3. Account Number Payment will be deposited via cash deposit after I receive BCH in this address: 1KffqXGWbVz2DFEmbnS8xX5KaRJP12wHTH

Trade Method: Meetup   

Amount: Philippines Peso (PHP)