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Seller: User 2033

User Last Active: 18 Days Ago

Trade Method: Meetup

Trade From: Czech Koruna (CZK) (Max 15000 CZK)

Trade To: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) (Max 0.285 BCH)

Price: 0.03588 USD/CZK

Country: Czech Republic


City: Brno

Meetup Address: Brno

Trade Terms: Koupim BCC za CZK. Okamzita platba na mBank / RB / FIO. Po domluve lze limit navysit. // -- // I would like to buy BCC for CZK. Immediate payment to mBank / RB / FIO. After previous agreement I can increase the price limit. Thank you for interest

Trade Method: Meetup   

Amount: Czech Koruna (CZK)